Ambient waves of poem

Ambient waves of poem
Ambient waves of poem

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My Bride

When at night,i'm forlorn
And cool breeze allures me out
My heart starts impelling for her
She billows up and hides herself in moon
The stupid air starts playing 
On the strings of my heart 
On which she sets a harmony
Through her melodious voice.

When i'm at bed she alights
From wind and flies
With her black long hairs on my eyes
She comes to confide 
And sits by my side
Stars and night swoon
As if she grants them a boon
And then the nature relishes
The confluence of our hearts.

At noon when its hot
Aridity is all what the time has got
Loo heralds her forthcoming
Her footsteps worries the sultry weather
And beckons the clouds brimming 
which extol her by showering
The enchanting view creates a huge sensation

I know i forgot to mention 
That you are the grandeur of God's creation.
When on wedlock day
Everything will be in zest
And the spirits would be at the crest
Adorned and embellished with ornaments
And blessed by pedigree
You'll dress up as my bride
Oaths would be read for us to abide
We'll have a great chemistry 
And now she says "That's enough of palmistry".