Ambient waves of poem

Ambient waves of poem
Ambient waves of poem

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Saturday, 12 April 2014


Fathoms below the surface they were laid
Long before the time to actually evade
On the rocks beneath the sea
Locked in the shells of the size of pea .
In their homes, for weeks they molted,
By the passage of time their number abated,
As snails, caddish fly and larvae  were captured
To savor the nymphs and get enraptured

Besides all odds, the luckiest survived
Molted again and climbed.
Frogs , Fishes and Trouts partied
For now the sally of mayflies started
Slowly and slowly they opened their wings
Hopped to the sky with opened limbs
At last their fear was allayed,
That was not what the trouts prayed
Now it was the time when the flies
Gathered in swarms to carry out their mating rituals.

With gusto, the males performed,
Danced and sang and flied along.
Expanded the legs to catch the mate
For the insatiable senses to satiate
It was the rapture for the flies
Mated enthusiastically under azure skies.

After mating , the males collapsed
No longer powered by the flaps
Illusioned by their victory perhaps
Lost their lives in the material traps
Widowed ladies fell on the stream
Laid their eggs in the mermaid’s realm
Their  trapped souls then left the cage
The vicious cycle set off  its stage